Becky Gessler - Bloom

Becky Gessler is a founder and the CEO of Bloom, a coffee subscription service delivering fresh, locally-roasted coffee to workplaces in the Bay Area. Her background is in user experience research, prototyping, and front-end development. She has been a frequent speaker on user experience for the Drupal open source community. Before going full-time coffee, she worked at Google and an EdTech startup, UniversityNow. Becky is in an interesting spot right now, as she tries to take principles of Lean UX, Lean Startup, and Balanced Teams and practice them in a non-web B2B small business

UX off the screen and into the cup

I'm a founder of Bloom, and we are a premium coffee service for offices in the Bay Area. Our company is made up of 3 user experience designers who have gone from designing experiences on the screen to designing experiences in and surrounding your cup of coffee. I want to share how we are using lean UX and Balanced Teams methodologies to build our very traditional, real-world service business. We would also like to talk with anyone who is in a similar position or has suggestions about how to bring the Balanced Teams ideas to life in a (mostly) non-technical small business environment.