J. Calvin Hoot, bitNomad

It's difficult to extract useful knowledge from data; I believe the best way is through experimenting, transparency, and visualization. Having worn many hats in technology organizations, I can help you create the right experience for your customers and colleagues. Some of my favorite tools include:
Collaborative Facilitation: Brainstorming, Participatory Design, Retrospectives
Iterative Testing: Prototyping, TDD, Usability Testing (formal and guerilla)
Lean and Agile: Kanban, Lean Analytics; Startup; UX, Scrum
Mapping: Affinity, Customer Journeys, Feature Roadmaps, Value Streams

Is Velocity a good predictor?

Many flavors of agile estimate using points for relative complexity and calculate velocity, but is velocity a worthwhile measurement? In this talk I'll address what would need to be true for velocity to be a worthwhile measurement and propose some alternatives.