Brittany Hunter, Atomic Object

Brittany Hunter is a software designer at Atomic Object, a custom software firm in Grand Rapids, MI. Atomic Object integrates design and development to produce great software. Brittany works as part of a self-managed, poly-skilled product team, engaging at every point in a software product's journey from a simple idea to a working piece of software.

Inclusive and Accessible UX Practices -- How Low-Fidelity Artifacts Promote Whole-Team Collaboration

High-fidelity, carefully-annotated wireframes and design mockups are brittle and time-consuming to manage, often requiring expensive software and specialized skill to create and maintain. In this talk, Brittany will share case studies of how poly-skilled product teams of designers and developers at Atomic Object share tasks and collaborate on UX, focus on the user, and iterate on design quickly by using low-fidelity sketches, storyboards, and mockups. She will share techniques for creating flexible, easily-managed design artifacts, as well as discuss the benefits and caveats of these techniques. This talk was originally presented at Agile & Beyond 2013 and has been updated to include more case studies from recent projects.