Alexa Roman, Kluge

Alexa Roman is a User Experience Designer for Kluge, an interactive agency in Marina del Rey, Ca. Kluge is a nimble, cross-functional team of nine focused on building engaging digital experiences. Alexa is passionate about sharing user experience principles beyond interface design. She is a co-organizer of the UX Bookclub of LA and is active in the design community through LAUX Meetup, A+D Museum and Digital LA/Silicon Beach Fest. Before finding out that User Experience was her calling, Alexa worked in Set Design for Television and Film.

The Function of Aesthetic

I will give a lightning talk on subjective vs objective design. This is a major challenge of our firm because we were originally very UI/style focused. I find this tension fascinating and a major source of project issues both within our team and with clients. I'd like to pull in some design references from beyond digital as well to look at overarching design principles. My interest is in understanding how we can better employ aesthetic to support action and how to validate aesthetic versus structure and action.